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Google Search Tips!

posted Oct 6, 2013, 8:48 AM by Abhishek Girish   [ updated Oct 7, 2013, 11:24 PM ]

Direct Answers
Search for the below keywords to get direct answers, instead of links:

  • Books by an Author shows the list of popular books by an author.
  • Albums by an Artist - shows the list of popular albums by an artist. 
  • Restaurants - shows the list of restaurants near by. 
  • Movies - movies in <year> lists all popular movies released in that year.
    <movie> release lists the movie release date. 
    movie(s) lists the movies screening in your city. 
  • Flight schedule - <airline> <flight> lists the flight schedule.
  • Time - shows the current local time. Similarly, time <city> for the time in a specific city.
  • Weather - shows the weather forecast for your city. Similarly, weather <city>
  • Sunrise / Sunset - shows the sunrise / sunset forecast for your city. Similarly, sunrise <city>
  • Founder / Author / ... - <company> founder shows the founder of the company. Similarly <company> ceo lists the CEO of a company and <book> author shows the author of a book.
  • Capital - <country> capital lists the capital of the country. 
  • Dictionary - define <word> provides the word definition.
  • Calculator - Entering a math expression provides you with the result.  
  • Graph - graph for <math function> shows the function plot
  • Currency Converter - <Currency 1> in <Currency 2> gives you the conversion. 
  • Unit Converter - <Unit 1> in <Unit 2> gives you the conversion. 
  • Stock - <Stock symbol> gives you the current stock value. 
Knowledge Graphs

Personal Results from Google+
Join Search, plus Your World and get details of Friends and Pages in your circles.

  • People and Pages
  • Google Site Search
Search for results from a specific site, using site:<site>

Gmail and Google Drive Results
Join the Gmail Search Field Trial and get results from your emails when searching for related topics.

  • Flight Information
    Search my flights or itinerary to get details on upcoming flights.
  • Related emails
  • Related files
Google - (minus) operator
Hide results from a particular site or hide results containing a particular term using the - operator. Example: "searchquery -facebook" excludes all search results containing the term "facebook".

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