Abhishek Girish


Master of Science, in Computer Science                                     [Graduation: May 2014] 

North Carolina State University, Raleigh                                                               [GPA: 3.3]

Bachelor of Engineering, in Information Science                                                    [2009] 

B.M.S. College of Engineering, Bangalore                                            [Grade: Distinction]


PROGRAMMING C, C++, Java             QUERY SQL, SPARQL, Hive QL         WEB XML, HTML Microdata, RDF

DATABASES Oracle, DB2, HBase      PLATFORMS Windows, UNIX                FRAMEWORKS TestNG, Hadoop


Semantic Computing Research Lab NC State University, Research Assistant [Spring 2014]

AREA OF RESEARCH Designing distributed storage model for semantic graphs

Dept. of Computer Science NC State University, Teaching Assistant (Database Systems) [Fall 2013, Spring 2014]

RESPONSIBILITIES Assisting with coursework, managing forums, grading assignments, designing course projects

MapR Technologies Software Engineering Intern, Raleigh [Summer 2013]

RESPONSIBILITIES Designed and implemented a framework to support end-to-end automation of the MapR data platform. Focused on enabling scalability, modularization of components, and improving overall efficiency.

Informatica Corporation Software Engineer, Bangalore [Sep 2009 – June 2012]

AWARDS Informatica iLabs Spot Award for excellence in performance [Q1 2010]

CERTIFICATIONS Cloudera Certified Hadoop Developer, Informatica Certified Administrator & Mapping Designer

RESPONSIBILITIES Conceptualized and led the development of a framework that helped reduce functional regression costs and enabled on-time delivery of the product with highest quality. Involved in the research and exploration phase of enabling data integration on Hadoop. Helped in design of access control and other security features of the Informatica platform. Contributed towards improving product administration and enablement of product version upgrade. Authored and reviewed knowledge base articles for internal and customer reference.

HAL Aircraft R&D Center Intern, Bangalore [6 weeks - Summer 2009]

RESPONSIBILITIES Rebuilt the Oracle Forms based knowledge management system using web-based technologies, enabling centralized development of the system, and scalable deployment across the HAL intranet.


Data Mining [R | Fall 2013] 

Predicting ratings of upcoming movies based on the past record of cast and relevant data, using linear regression and IMDb datasets

Network Protocol [C | Fall 2012] 

Implemented a two-level packet flow protection policy between two switches in an OpenFlow based network

Database Application [Java, SQL | Fall 2012] 

Implemented a book store management system with an interface customized for multiple user roles

Database System [Java | Fall 2013] 

Designed Course projects to enhance the buffer manager on SimpleDB, an academic DBMS

XINU OS [C | Spring 2013] 

Implemented new scheduling policies, locking mechanisms and demand paging on XINU, a UNIX-like academic OS

Web Apps [PHP, Facebook QL | Spring 2013] 

Created a Facebook application with an intuitive interface for users to review and manage privacy settings

Parallel Programming [C++ | Spring 2013] 

Parallelized serial algorithms and simulated SMP & DSM systems

Mobile Apps 

Developed simple apps using Visual Studio and Windows Phone 8 SDK


Configured multi-node physical clusters and experimented with MapReduce, and ecosystem projects

Desktop Apps 

Developed multiple utility apps using NetBeans and Java Swing APIs